The Royal Culture of Elegance

Reviving traditions and re-defining fashion, Tessal is the next destination for authentic Arab fashion on the streets of London. The brand brings a style statement that shouts out the finesse and classic richness of the Arab fashion world. Tessal products ranging from the authentic Arab wears- Kandura, Bisht, Egal to custom made footwear and accessories, building a unique oriental buying experience. Promising the finest in material and fashion innovations, Tessal with its years of experience in the Arab fashion industry creating and designing makes way into the UK with absoluteness of quality and hospitality.

The Knitted Tale of Middle-East Fashion

The brand name is derived from the word “Tassel”, a universal ornament constituting of a number of threads tied together at one end where it can be dangled using a cord. The tassel has been used around the globe in different cultures- For religious, decorative as well as a fashion element. A decorative element of ethnicity, the brand adopting the name reinforces its true beauty being the right balance between the traditional and the modern trends. Originated from the east and into the west, Tessal enriches the essence of tradition and blends it perfectly into the ideas of modernity.

The luxury and the authenticity of the material and the designer value attached is a signature of the brand. The expert team is dedicated to customising and tailoring to needs for a first-hand premium clothing experience. With true craftsmanship at hand, Tessal delivers beyond expectations.

Arab Fashion Destination

Elegent Fashion

Royal Culture

Premium Fabric

Custom Design

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