Weaving the Elegance of Traditional Fashion


It is the main garment worn by Arab men and boys that reach down till the ankle. Also known as Thawb, it is a single-piece garment which when paired with the right Shemagh and Bisht completes the royal Arab look. At Tessal, we have premium materials ranging from cotton to polyester to polyester viscose from which you may choose yours to be custom stitched- all of them guaranteed with 100% pure materials.


Tessal is a premium store offering luxury Arab ready to wear and custom made footwear in London. The store offers exquisite footwear crafted from natural Italian leather under the finest craftsmanship. Our brand is renowned for its unparalleled quality, comfort, and style. With Tessal we endeavour to bring the royal footwear culture of the Arab nations to London. Committed to providing the best of Arab fashion in its finest quality and fashion. With a perfect blend of comfort, style and features our footwears will help you experience and express the royalty of the Arabs.


A Bisht is a traditional cloak worn over the Kandurah with embroidery along its seams ending at the sleeve. The Bisht is the synonym of royalty and elegance in the Arab world. Tessal’s Bisht Al-Malaki is of high-quality Japan texture and the golden or silver embroidery is 100% handmade using the Zari gold and silver dipped mix threads. The materials are exclusive and define the richness and royalty of the Tessal Bishts. Our Bisht comes in five different shades, each exhibiting an outstanding and luxurious look. The classic collections designed exclusively for Tessal UK include Bisht Al-Malaki Grey, Bisht Al-Malaki White, Bisht Al-Malaki Black, Bisht Al-Malaki dark beige and Bisht Royal Beige.


The Egal is an accessory worn by Arab men over their shawls or the Shemagh to keep them in place. It is a black cord double wrapped to fit the crown of the head. The Egal gives a halo royal look defining elegance when styled perfectly with the Shemagh or the shawl. The Tessal Egals are made with care enough to guarantee easy flexibility and longer durability.


It is the classic square-shaped piece of headcloth and is considered symbolic in all of the Arab countries. It is covered with geometrical prints and is a combination of colours, one of them generally being black. The Shemagh is worn over the head, and in a formal style, wrapped around the Egal. Tessal displays two shades of Rich range Shemagh in both red and white. The limited-edition lightweight Shemagh gives the perfect protection against direct sunlight and cold winds- making it the right wear for all round the year.


Welcome to the world of fine Arab perfumes from Tessal. Here you can find true Arab signature perfumes that let you experience the authentic culture and scents of home. We believe perfumes are personal, that’s why we bring the finest of Arabian fragrances to London to help everyone experience and celebrate the true essence of Arab culture. Our perfumery comprises of a wide variety of perfumes that have been alluring the world with their distinct fragrances and symbolizing the fine luxury of the Arab nation. At Tessal, you will find perfumes of both heavy-hitting as well as elegant aromas crafted from the finest ingredients and craftsmanship to make a long-lasting olfactory impression. Choose from the large collections of exquisite creations that are steeped in exotic and local traditions. Wear your perfumes the Arab way.


The 100% premium cotton undergarments promised by Tessal is a must-have in any Arab household. In pure white colour, Tessal inner wears feature an elasticized drawstring waistband for comfortable and all-day wear. Tessal sells the classic wellness pants worn under the Kandurah and also the premium shorts, considering comfort and durability in harsher climates.